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...and also among others: Gary Barden, Human Paranoid, Jeff Scott Soto, Terrill, Eden´s Curse, Freedom Call, Taraxacum, Rough Silk, Die Blumen, Midnight Club, Bad Nenndorf Boys, Jaded Heart, Dete Kuhlmann, Michael Voss (Mad Max), Wolf Hoffmann (Accept) and many more

Some of the albums recorded @ Droehnwerk-Studio:
Matt "Gonzo" Roehr CD "For what it´s worth" 2010 Gonzo-music / Soulfood
Matt "Gonzo" Roehr CD "Rock my liberty" 2011 Gonzo-music / Soulfood
Matt "Gonzo" Roehr CD "Blitz & Donner" 2011 Gonzo-music / Soulfood
Love.Might.Kill CD "Brace for impact" 2011 Massacre Records
FERDY DOERNBERG solo CD Just A Piano And A Handful Of Dreams SPV 1995
FERDY DOERNBERG solo CD Storyteller's Rain Massacre-Records/Sony 2000
FERDY DOERNBERG solo CD ...till I run out of road Rebellion Records/New Music Distribution 2006
FERDY DOERNBERG solo exclusive song on sampler "I wonder what Jesus would have said if he'd seen all this" on "Kinder in Not"-Benefiz-Christmas-CD DeWeZet/DRK 2007
FERDY DOERNBERG solo CD Travelling Light Rebellion Records/New Music Distribution 2009
ROUGH SILK CD Beyond The Sundown Massacre/Sony 1998
ROUGH SILK CD Wheels Of Time Massacre/Sony 1999
ROUGH SILK exclusive song on sampler "Is there anybody there" on "A Tribute To The Scorpions" Nuclear Blast 2000
ROUGH SILK exclusive song on sampler "Screaming for a love bite" on "A Tribute To Accept" Nuclear Blast 2000
ROUGH SILK exclusive song on sampler "Take a chance on me" on "A Tribute to ABBA" Nuclear Blast 2000
ROUGH SILK CD Symphony Of Life Breaker/SPV 2001
ROUGH SILK CD End Of Infinity Common Ground/Point 2003
ROUGH SILK DVD Armageddon over Wacken 05 DVD/Armageddon 2005
ROUGH SILK CD A New Beginning Dockyard1/SPV 2009
ROUGH SILK exclusive song on sampler "Ballroom-Boogie" on "Ballroom-CD" Ballroom Merchandise 2010
Hilmar Staacke CD Wild Desert Roxxon 1995
TARAXACUM EP The One With The Ape Savage Union 1999
TARAXACUM CD Spirit Of Freedom MTM/SPV 2001
TARAXACUM MCD Believe - classic vsn MTM/SPV 2002
Bongiovio CD Unplugged BGM 2000
Delpht CD Delpht Die Hard Brazil 2000
Dete Kuhlmann CD Don't Play With My Heart Roxxon 2000
Friends Of Carlotta CD Gemeine Gedanken Berenstark 2000
Raul Cantarino CD RmR los bzs 2000
It's M.E. CD Under A Voodoo Moon Roxxon 2001
Love & Friends CD Follow The Rainbow LFR 2001
Tribe 13 CD The Ribe BTT 2001
Uphonic CD Uphonic Tank 2001
Freedom Call CD Crystal Empire SPV 2001
Kleemann CD Kleiner Held Popland 2002
Masterplan CD Masterplan AFN/Sony 2002
A.O.D. CD Live in Bredenbeck Eigenvertrieb 2003
Movements CD His Majesty's Words EFA 2003
Rick Renstrom CD Until The Bitter End Mascot 2003
Heavenly CD dust to dust Sanctuary 2004
Brainstorm CD all those words EP Metal Blade 2005
Brainstorm CD liquid monster Metal Blade 2005
Bad Nenndorf Boys CD Le ska c'est moi BNB 2005
Damir Simic Shime CD Demonstratus DSS 2005
Destruction CD inventor of evil AFM 2005
Mike Terrana CD man of the world Lion 2005
Treibhaus CD unsterblich Kneeve/Alive 2005
Code of Perfection CD last exit for the lost LIMP 2006
Domain CD stardawn LIMP 2006
Six Eleven CD the almighty bunghole DTS/Netherlands 2006
V.A CD Just like Paradise - a millenium tribute to Diamond David Lee Roth Mascot Records 2006
Bad Nenndorf Boys CD wir lügen nicht Sunny Bastards 2007
Bad Nenndorf Boys exclusive song on sampler A Tribute to Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Sunny Bastards 2007
Dete Kuhlmann Audiobook Dete Kuhlmann Graswege 2007
Eden's Curse CD eden's curse AFM 2007
It's M.E. CD the first 15 years Graswege 2007
Jaded Heart CD sinister mind Frontiers 2007
Midnight Club CD circus of life Omega/MBM 2007
Roger Staffelbach CD angel of eden - the end of never Marquee/Avalon 2007
Terrill EP Back again Rebellion-Records 2007
Terrill CD Demon's night out Rebellion-Records/ New Music Distribution 2007
Eden's Curse CD seven deadly sins Metal Mayhem 2008
Splendit CD we are... BN 2008
Subculture Squad CD 13 Rebellion-Records 2008
Dete Kuhlmann MCD "Das Herz vom TSV" DLZ / TSV 2009
Die Blumen CD römisch drei Fastball/Sony 2009
Eden's Curse CD The second coming AFN 2009
OHL CD a tribute to OHL/Waffenbrüder Sunny Bastards 2009
Southside Jam CD the Southside Jam-album Roxxon 2009
Subculture Squad Split-CD The kids strike back Split-CD/KB Records 2009
Terrill exclusive song on sampler Schulanfang77 Schulanfang77 2009
Terrill exclusive song on sampler waste your time on punkrock - vol.. 2 Black Python 2009
Terrill sampler Hail the new breed/ international horrorpunk-compilation Contra Light-Records 2009
Terrill / Subculture Squad - Split-CD "Hannover Dungeon" Rebellion 2009
Eden's Curse CD Condemned to burn Metal Mayhem 2010
Jeff Scott Soto and the Ballroom Allstars MCD The flame still burns Ballroom Merchandise 2010
Neverland CD tba 2010
Human Paranoid CD Stillborn Resurrection 2010
Gary Barden CD "Rock´n Roll My Soul" in-akustik
Wolfpakk CD "Wolfpakk" 2011 AFN

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